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So you can live in balance and flow and support your unique way of being in the world without the energy drain.

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Being calm is no joke these days!

  • You want more peace and calm in your life, but by the time you get to the lettuce aisle in the grocery store, your already tense and ready to go home.

  • You want more time writing, painting or with your hands in the dirt, but the anxiety, perfectionism and worry about doing enough and doing it right is sucking all the joy out of it.

  • You want more energy to go to that concert with friends, but everyday you're absorbing a new drama - the news, complaining coworkers, someone's latest break up - it's disturbing and draining! 

  • You want to be true to yourself and speak up even when it's the hard stuff, but your people pleaser kicks in and you stumble or worse keep quiet and judge yourself.

Couple Meditating on the Beach

What you deeply want right now is to feel grounded, unshakeable even in a crowd of people, even when your family is talking about all the things that make you anxious so you can actually enjoy your loved ones, your creative time and yes your chores without other people's junk landing in your lap.


Have you been told you're too sensitive?


I have!  I'm Paula  and I specialize in helping empathetic and highly sensitive people like you shift out of the overwhelm, anxiety, exhaustion and disconnect that happens when you find yourself off balance and overwhelmed over and over again. 

I know this is important to you because you want to help make the world a better place whether that world is about just you right now, your relationships, your community or helping the planet.

And I want you to know you can get help and be yourself without feeling depleted and losing yourself along the way. You can learn to be open hearted with your sensitivity and stay protected while you pay attention to your needs and to what brings you peace and joy.

Rock Maze

Finally something that makes sense from a practical to a deep soul level

View of Mt.Fuji
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Why I can help

I've been there, gotten pulled in every direction and felt lost, and then got help that really worked. For real. Not just ideas and talk, but realistic, experiential and tangible wisdom and practices that have helped me stay rooted, peaceful and connected to what matters most.


For over 15 years,  I have immersed myself in understanding the  foundations that created so much change in my own life. I studied sound healing, energy medicine, shamanic practices, yoga, meditation, the natural laws and coaching. It takes more than intellectual knowledge for change to last. And the unique way I learned, by embodying the wisdom, learning the fundamentals and going through the healing experience, is key to why I can help you.

I know you can learn to stay open hearted, balanced and peaceful even in world where chaos is around every corner with the right support and guidance. 

And let's be clear, your high sensitivity is not the problem. 

Your high sensitivity perception is a valuable gift and something that the world needs right now. The intuition, insight and creativity you offer is actually the balance to the discord and separation felt across the globe. I want to help you come back to balance and let you know that is enough. Enough to help you send ripples out as an invitation for others to do the same.

Judith Ann, MD

"Dearest Paula, This is belated but heartfelt...I can't thank you enough for your wisdom, your intuitiveness and your ability to meet me where I was during our sessions together. At every turn there was healing that took place and I am in deep gratitude for our work together. I continue to be grounded and centered and sober! Yay me!"

Pam D., MA

“I cannot say enough about how much Paula and her healing practice has helped me in my life. She has helped me through many difficult life transitions. Paula’s healing practices have helped me to grow and become more present in my life. I am now able to tap into the feeling of well being I have during her sessions and work them into my everyday life at the workplace and at home to reduce stress.

Kayla, MA

Paula’s is a healing vortex. I always leave feeling lighter with more energy or ready for a restful sleep. The yurt is clean, comfortable and always smells amazing!

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I would like to express the immense gratitude I hold for all those who have spent their lives remembering and mastering the world of living energy and healing and who have chosen to share their gifts and knowledge to help the world. I am especially grateful for my teacher and mentor Lisa Ishwari Murphy whose dedication and patience have helped me find my way in a world full of separation and discord. I honor all the wisdom keepers who have come before me and my ancestors, without whom I wouldn't be here today.

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