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Hey sensitive soul. I see you struggling with anxiety, becoming exhausted after being out in "the world" and feeling like your sense of self depends on who's around you.

I've been there too

I can remember being in my 20's and so excited to be going to a big New York city club for the first time. That was until we got inside, into this huge room full of people, spinning lights and loud music ...where I froze. An ice cold chill came over me and I started to shake involuntarily. I didn't understand what was happening and it was all could do to find a quiet corner to hide out in and get through the night.

Everyone else was laughing, dancing and having a great time and there I was overwhelmed, anxious and losing it!

It was more than the all the sensory stimulation too. I had always felt different and back then I thought there was something wrong with me that needed fixing. The parts of me that ran deeper and were "too" emotional and sensitive were more often than not misunderstood, dismissed or seen as a neurotic. 


In an attempt to fit in, I became numb to myself and lost my vitality too. 

There is absolutely a better way to be a sensitive soul in the world.

0026_corinnaraznikov_RC3A8536_ (1).jpg

I'm Paula and I help empaths and highly sensitive people like you


  • shift into peace and balance

  • learn to protect and preserve your energy

  • heal the past and reconnect to your true essence

so you can get back to enjoying and flowing with life in a way that resonates with you and your unique signature.

Maybe you've tried what I've tried?

Things to help you feel more comfortable in your own skin like traditional talk therapy, meditation, retreats, journaling, self help books (shelves full of them!) and all kinds of spiritual practices.


You've even tried becoming a hermit, but deep down you longed for connection so it didn’t work. 

Book Shelf
At Sunset

Why didn't they work?

They all helped some or for a time yet so many modalities even holistic ones just

  • don't have a foundation, which is an understanding of how we work at our most basic energetic level. These natural laws are a guide to support you staying in balance and flow

  • don't realize that if you don't stay rooted and connected, you will shift your thoughts and emotions (and all your vibrations) to whatever the strongest most dominant discordant vibe is in the room. Yikes! That means your intuition won't be reliable and that is one of your gifts.

  • can't help you discern truth from fiction
    -like the difference between feelings that are created when you are in stress and those that are energy-in-motion informing you of what's important.
    -or how intuition and instinct require being embodied and connected. Your gut instinct can be a trauma response without it.

  • don't get to the origin of the issue so you can heal at the source, from the cellular to the spiritual level, creating change that lasts

  • and may not understand how your empathic and highly sensitive brain actually does work differently than the majority. You will never be like the rest of the world and that is not only okay, it's necessary.

What a relief to know


Your brain really does work differently than most people and it's okay.
You don't need to be fixed!
There is a way to be who you are, to sense and feel so much and still be able maintain your own vitality and power
You can be emotional without getting pulled into your own or another persons turmoil
There are practices and healing techniques, both ancient and modern, that can move you out of fight or flight and into a state of peace and balance. 
Enjoying Nature

Does this mean that you'll become the life of the party and just love a big gathering. Nope! But it can be fun sometimes and you can learn how to participate and enjoy it when you want or need to because you will not only learn but really integrate...

how to have healthy energetic boundaries so people and environments not longer knock you off kilter and deplete your energy. Or if they do, because it happens to the best of us, then you will have skills to get you back to balance quickly.
how to stay embodied and tuned in to the rhythms of nature so you can connect with others and be supported as you meet all the thoughts and feels that are a part of being highly sensitive person
freer, more potent and full of a lot more laughter.
how to discern truth from fiction and focus on what sustains you rather than on what drains you. 
how to honor and value your needs as a person who needs more time to process the world and how to process it all more efficiently and effectively.
to value the gifts of your sensitivities and advocate for them even if the culture you live in doesn’t quite get it yet. FYI to the world - it’s not a weakness to be sensitive. That belief is a big reason the whole world is out of balance right now.
just how important these gifts are to the planet right now. The sensitivity, compassion, deep consideration, thoughtfulness and intuition you hold are all an invitation for others to come back to balance.
that the more you practice and learn along the way, your whole experience of life will be lighter, freer, more potent and full of a lot more laughter.

No worries, you've got this with the help of a compassionate and knowledgable guide


Some Fun Facts

I love the ocean, living near her and swimming as often as possible.

My favorite spiritual adventure was visiting the white lions of Timbavati in South Africa. Life altering for a Leo!

I started out in the sciences studying nutritional biochemistry, so I love all the nerdy stuff (wait is that fun!)

You probably don't want to get between me and a bowl of popcorn!

Keanu Reeves is my celebrity crush

Get me on a dance floor with some R&B and funk (not too crowded) and I will be happy for days
Ocean Rocks


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