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Native Drums
  • Learn and practice ancient ceremonies

  • Intuitively work with plant allies

  • Tap into the akashic field of nature

  • Journey the timelines using the power of the drum

  • Experience the ancient art of journeying

  • Activate the mystical brain

  • Deepen your connection to the Shumann resonance and generating energy of the earth

  • Consciously connect with Gaia, the ancestors of the land, sacred sites and energy vortexes

  • Reignite the gifts of your ancestors

  • Heal and activate your personal legend

  • Embody unity consciousness and the 3rd shushumna wave

  • Mend the broken lines of the matrix

  • Create your personal bioscalar activation

  • Learn to use sacred tools and instruments

  • Travel the ley lines of the earth and connect with the earth chakra's

  • Rhythmically track and clear energetic imprints and cut energetic cords

  • Understand the luminous energy field in all things

  • Dream a new world into being

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Paula Lazaroff


Sarah Boehler



9/23/23 Saturday  11-5

Intro to Sacred Ceremony

3 Ole blue Way Freetown


Intro to Earth Based Medicine


Drum Journey and Shamanic Practices 1






Sacred Ceremony 1


Sat 5/4 /24 +Sunday 5/5/24

Mesa Weekend


Plant Allies & Earth Based Medicine 1


Location: *
Sva Ha Yoga & Synergy of Sound Training Academy
675 Orchard Street, New Bedford, MA 02740

2nd Floor*

Day/Time: All classes are on Sundays, 12-6 unless otherwise indicated.

*Class time and location may change depending on the teachings.

Payment Options

We prefer you pay by cash or check on the day of class or beginning of the weekend to avoid extra fees. However, venmo and paypal/credit card are available if needed.



Masters Certificate earned with completion of 10 classes in addition to completion of Energy Medicine 1 and 2.
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