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Svaha Yoga

I have been doing more collaborating with yoga instructors lately and I wanted to share with you a little bit about the benefits of Svaha Yoga (yoga and sound) and what makes it different from other yoga and sound classes.

First off, yoga and sound is nothing new. Nada yoga is an ancient yogic practice using the qualities of both inner and outer sound to create transformation. Outer sound is the use of tones and sounds to heal, transform and aid one pointed focus so often talked about in yoga classes. Isn’t it nice to know you can get some help with that? Inner sound taps into our own internal vibratory landscape and the movement of prana or energy informing our awareness and creating depth of practice.

Svaha Yoga is still in the process of being developed by a local yogini and sound healing master Lisa Ishwari Murphy. It is unique because it goes beyond the union of yoga and sound adding in the foundation of natural or universal law. These laws  are underlying universal principles that govern all of life. (Update - Svaha Yoga is now a Yoga Teacher Training at Power & Grace Yoga in New Bedford :))

So how does a foundation in Natural Law benefit you as a student? Natural Law is like an invisible, flexible structure for all of your practices. It supports, guides, grounds and energizes you by connecting you to the flow of life supported by and in harmony with the world around you. The laws hold a space for you to grow

into your limitless nature as well as creating a framework for harmonizing words, deeds and actions.

We hear about natural law in many spiritual and wisdom traditions. For example, the North American native tribes speak about “All our relations”, a deep connection to all things including plants, animals, rocks, mountains, the sun, the moon, the wind and on and on. This is an expression of the Law of One which tells us that everything is connected and related through our common building blocks, vibrating atoms in varying frequencies and groupings of frequencies.

This is just one small example in the vast understanding of these principles. I intend to write more about these laws in the future, but if you interested right now a great book to read is The Whole Elephant Revealed, by Marja DeVries


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