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To Create Change, a New Perspective Must be Born: A Deeper Understanding of Craniosacral Therapy

There are so many ways to work towards health, healing, balance and transformation that it can be hard to know which is the right path. Sometimes you resonate strongly with a method of healing and move right towards it gaining wisdom and insight from that resonance. And sometimes stepping away from your usual style can give a new perspective and shift you on a deeper level than you knew was possible.

As I have grown in my work and personal life, one thing that keeps coming to my attention is the importance of going beyond the physical and the 5 senses to create deeper, longer lasting change. What was so surprising to me so many years ago was to hear over and over that to go deeper, one needs to go lighter. What? At the time that stretched me out of a belief that stronger was better and more pressure was the way to get more results. Yet over time it has become even more apparent that working lighter creates change in a way that deep pressure doesn’t. It’s not that strong touch doesn’t have its place. It does. It’s that in our culture we tend to go all in on deep touch and big feeling while ignoring the subtle flows that have so many gifts to offer.

There is an imbalance that’s all. The focus narrowed and became one sided and it’s time to understand ourselves and our world in a deeper, subtler, more expansive way. Einstein said it well when he stated -

“We can not solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them”

Stepping out of habits and finding new perspectives, new ways of thinking, creates the possibility for solutions where none were apparent, new levels of relaxation, inner peace and growth into new and exciting territory.

Craniosacral is a light touch therapy that goes right to the core to quiet the brain and nervous system. Gentle enough for babies, it is deeply balancing and provides the stillness necessary to help you reconnect to your intuition and witness the world from a place of peace. Through gentle touch around the skull and pelvis, rhythmic holding, intention and intuitive connection, Craniosacral therapy helps remove restrictions to the rhythmic flow of cerebral spinal fluid (CSF) enhancing the bodies own ability to heal itself.

Everything in your body and in the universe has a rhythm and your CSF is no different. In rhythm, it flows freely bathing the brain and central nervous system cushioning them from physical stresses; rinsing the brain to provide immune protection, remove waste and transport neuromodulators and neurotransmitters (keys to proper mood, cognition, energy, and overall health). It is an integral part of the central nervous system (CNS) which intimately effects all aspects of the body and mind.

Out of rhythm means out of flow and like all systems both physical and energetic, flow means more vibrant health and out of flow equals stagnation and imbalance which can then lead to disease.

It is comforting to know that underneath the veils of discord there is wisdom waiting. And that wisdom is powerful!

In a global sense, Craniosacral therapy creates balance, deep relaxation and restoration. A place where the distractions and discords of life can be witnessed from a place of peace. From your compassionate witness. More specifically, it has been shown to benefit a wide range of issues including headaches, TMJ, immune disorders, learning disabilities, PTSD, anxiety, depression (link here to an article on this), fibromyalgia, sinus infections, digestive issues, insomnia, back pain and more.

Working with the CSF and surrounding structures, the nervous system can shift from fight or flight and enter its more restorative and healing parasympathetic mode. Once quieted, your more subtle self can be heard giving insights into your passions and your true needs. Revealing the softer voice of the heart expands your viewpoint and anchors you into the what matters most to you. Restoring attention to the whole in this way has a global effect on all the systems in your body rippling change into your cells, your energy field and the world around you.

What about you? Does it feel like there may be part of you that goes untended in the loudness and chaos of life? Do you spend much of your time in fight or flight, busy and disconnected? Or perhaps you are aware of more tension or increased headaches lately. Or you feel stuck in the same rut and are ready to move out of it to connect with your true, compassionate self.

Change and flow, while not always comfortable, are your natural state. Craniosacral therapy can help return you back to nature and create a new sense of wholeness and balance in your life. With balance comes new ways of thinking, creative solutions and a sense of lightness. Craniosacral therapy, based in the foundation of natural law (the only way to truly return to the natural state), is an effective, powerful and gentle way back to health.

Does that resonate? Or feel uncomfortably necessary? If so, then it may be time to step out of the usual and find a new perspective and a kinder approach to your well being. That approach could be Craniosacral Therapy.

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