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Rustic Beach Path

Energy for Life Coaching™

Create your optimal life from a place of heart connection and flow.

If you would like to live a life that has:

  • more purpose

  • more balance & flow

  • more freedom

  • and more energy.

I will work with you to bring awareness, the key that starts the engine of change. Once there is awareness there is choice and the possibility to awaken, to discover and to align more consistently with your purpose and passion. Consistency and resonance builds life force and momentum to which the universe responds with its infinite supply.

Each person is unique and so every dream is unique. What matters most is not what you do but how you do it. This unique form of coaching helps you manifest  from a place of connection, clarity, engagement and peace. Your intentions matter and so do the quality of your intentions. Manifesting without stress and pressure is our goal.

Energy for Life Coaching™ helps you dig deep so you can fly high.

In sessions or classes you will learn:

  • The importance of staying in flow and rhythm as the ultimate support for creating and manifesting your dreams.

  • How to tap into your creativity and intuition.

  • How to recognize when your thoughts, words and actions are supporting or obstructing you.

  • Ways to support your passions that build life force.

  • Unique practices that help you transform obstacles to manifestation.

  • How to preserve and protect your dreams.

  • The importance of connecting with nature and how nature and natural law can support you.

Through the transformational quality of the practices, obstacles to creating and manifesting become clearer. This is a good thing! Bringing obstacles to light is the only, yes the only, way to make a different choice and move beyond its limit. Obstacles are the gold in the Energy for Life Coaching™ process because when they are hidden they drain life force, subconsciously impose limits and separate you from your creativity, your wisdom and your instincts and intuition.

When you liberate from any obstacle you have

  • more freedom

  • more life force

  • more creativity

  • more wisdom

  • and more access to inspired and unique ideas that support and help you.

As your coach I bring 15 + years of experience learning, embodying and practicing all the foundational methods I will be sharing with you. This formula that heals and brought me to my own purpose and passion. It is a way of being that can be applied to all walks of life because it is a way of life. A journey into deeper understanding, connection, commitment and flow. As deep as you go is as light as you become and with more light comes more joy, more gratitude and more peace in your everyday life.



Commit to Change plan

Ready for lasting change? Real change takes commitment and support. Begin your journey towards increased energy, freedom, purpose and peace and save with this 6 month package.

Mountainous Landscape

Commit to Change plan

Sometimes change is bolstered by the group experience. By connecting, sharing and witnessing with others you will see yourself more clearly and can grow in ways you would never imagine.

Forest Path

Single Session

Not ready to commit but want to experience what Energy for Life Coaching™ is like? Book your individual session to begin your journey towards increased life force, freedom, purpose and peace.

Sessions available in person and online

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