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Southcoast, MA


My name is Paula Lazaroff

I specialize in helping  you find balance, shift out of fight or flight,  connect and protect your energy and heal the past so you can live a life of freedom and flow.


I went on my own extensive journey of understanding how to find that for myself. It took the right mentor and teacher to help me find my way back home. I am so grateful for her wisdom, compassion and patience.  After over 15 years of learning and healing, I love to share what I've learned by guiding you to your most peaceful, connected and vital life.

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Tibetan bowls, feathers and shangs.
All sessions, classes and events are built on a foundation of natural law. A guide for staying in balance and flow and what is missing from so many forms of healing, therapy and physical medicine.

Healing happens in a variety of ways and your sessions may include many of the offerings below.

  • Energy for Life Coaching™
  • Energy Medicine
  • Sacred Sound Healing
  • Transformational Bodywork
  • Shamanic Practices
  • Natural Law
  • Trauma Release
  • Past Life
  • Craniosacral Therapy
  • Svaha Yoga
  • Sound Meditation

What is available locally

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Transformational sessions in the healing yurt will support you in moving out of stress brain and  back to the head connected to the heart. That is where your peace lives, your passion and joy too.


Classes & Courses

Classes in Energy Medicine, Sound Healing Drum Journeying, The Luminous Body, Plant Allies, Sacred Ceremony & Yoga


Most classes are a part of the 

Sva Ha Training Academy 



Come back home to inner peace, your natural rhythm and your true essence through the  healing power of sound, ancient wisdom, natural law and intention.

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