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I can remember being in my 20's and so excited to be going to a big New York city club for the first time. That was until we got inside, into this huge room full of people, spinning lights and loud music ...where I froze. An ice cold chill came over me and I started to shake involuntarily. I didn't understand what was happening and it was all could do to find a quiet corner to hide out in and get through the night.

Everyone else was laughing, dancing and having a great time and there I was overwhelmed, anxious and losing it!

It was more than the all the sensory stimulation too. I had always felt different and back then I thought there was something wrong with me that needed fixing. The parts of me that ran deeper and were "too" emotional and sensitive were more often than not misunderstood, dismissed or seen as a neurotic. 


In an attempt to fit in, I became numb to myself and lost my vitality too. 
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Meet Paula Lazaroff

Energy Medicine Practitioner

It is Paula's wish to help others experience a life of freedom, expansion, connection and peace using the same teaching and practices that transformed and empowered her.

Paula has been in private practice for over 25 years receiving her Craniosacral l & ll training in 1994 & 1998 from the Upledger Institute.


In 2004, Paula began studying with Lisa Ishwari Murphy receiving advanced training in Energy Medicine, including Reiki lll in the Bon Po tradition, Sacred Sound healing, Svaha Yoga, natural law teachings and initiations in the Q’ero Inca and Bon Po shamanic traditions. It is these embodied teachings along with Lisa's healing guidance that supported Paula on her own transformational healing journey.

Recently Paula has completed 500 hours of Yoga Alliance certified Teaching training in  Kaula Tantra Yoga (200hours) and Svaha Yoga (300 hours) as well as Energy for Life Coaching training.

You will find Paula out in the community as a part of Synergy of Sound doing sound healing concerts, teaching classes in Pranayama, Svaha & Kaula Tantra yoga, sound healing and meditation as a part of the Svaha Yoga and Synergy of Sound Training Academy.

Some of Paula's other teachers include Nan Moss & Sandra Ingerman (Shamanism), Zacchiah Blackburn (Sound Healing) and Don Cardoza (Aikido).


Paula has been a licensed massage therapist since 1992.

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