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Finding Your Practice

Energetic patterns underlie all of life and understanding them is key to realizing your full potential. We are living in an incredible moment in time when many great spiritual traditions are revealing ancient wisdom

kept secret for many hundreds of years. Each wisdom tradition has worked with the individual energy field, the energy patterns of nature and spirit energy in unique ways that together make up a rainbow of life affirming, balancing and healing practices. Each with its own signature, methodology and way of looking at the world.

Now with this information more available than ever before, anyone interested is able to learn how to understand and transform energy to create more harmony and less dis-ease.

You too have your own sound signature, rhythm and unique gift to offer the world. You can find it within your own heart with the help of a personal practice. Once you feel your own rhythm you can entrain to that above all the fight or flight reactions of the busy chaotic world. The tradition or method that you resonate most with is the best path to take.

The Hindus understand yoga and the chakras, the Tibetans utilize meditation and mantras, Christians practice contemplative prayer and Ancient Egyptians engaged in spiritual Alchemy. The opportunities for finding something that ignites the light within you are many. Utilizing the wisdom of ancient traditions is building on the strength of thousands of years of practice. Chanting an ancient mantra is potent because it contains the energy of all the hearts who have chanted it before. Working with the Andean cosmology holds within it streams of consciousness that hold knowledge to help you on your path. Just like ancient temples were built on a power spots to support the connection to higher planes and the oneness of creation, wisdom traditions are built on practices that have withstood the test of time.

It is the depth of your engagement that matters more than the method.

Engagement is presence, consciousness and connection. You cannot read about a practice and expect to shift subconscious thought patterns or beliefs. You must engage in the practices and give them a chance.

If you don’t believe the practice will work, well then that belief will influence the results and it just may not (more on the biology of belief in a future article). Can you suspend judgement, step outside of what you know, what is comfortable, what your culture, family or unquestioned beliefs say is true and allow a new experience to unfold? A little wisdom applied is much more influential than a boatload of book learning.

Finding your own daily practice means connecting to yourself, your physical body and your energy body (which is a part of your physical body, your emotions, your thoughts and your spirit) and it can relieve a significant amount of stress in your life. That means that nothing on the exterior needs to change in order to increase your feelings of well being. Having moment to moment access to the ability to reduce stress is a way to improve your life on a daily basis while you navigate the inevitable changes of your world. Chakra balancing, Tibetan meditation, ecstatic dance, nature, cooking, singing, painting, yodeling!! What is your pleasure? Finding and cultivating joy in your practice is what is meant by resonance and is what makes your practice uniquely yours. A worthy journey in my opinion!


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