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Understanding the Healing Process

Once we make the decision to go on a healing journey, it is important that we don't approach it in the same way our current medical system treats "dis-ease."

We cannot expect to transform and heal using the same analytical, linear and cure based approach that is a part of modern medi

cine. In fact, getting caught up in the mind or in a separated approach to the cause and effect of a particular imbalance will only slow down the process. While both methods have their strengths, healing is n

ot the same thing as curing.

Healing is more of a process and a continual balancing and re-balancing while we move toward our most rhythmic state. Healing is an organic process that takes unexpected twists and turns and it may, at first,

seem that what appears makes no sense at all. With healing, it is wise to expect the unexpected!

When you allow the whole picture to unfold, you will find that there is a logic and flow that weaves you back together again. As you release cellular memory, shift unhealthy patterns and reconnect to dormant emotions, you need time to re-establish your relationship to yourself and the world around you.

Healing often involves coming up against hard habits to break, like the desire for a quick fix or forgetting to include all aspects of yourself as you heal.

With patience, compassion and the willingness to be with what comes forward, particularly during a healing session in the yurt, you will begin to see rhythm, balance and freedom manifest in your life with growing consistency.

Om Shanti (Peace)


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